Tuesday, April 14, 2015

StorageStuff.Bid Launches at 2015 ISS World Expo

Are expensive trade shows worth it? Do they really help you get business? Our team at StorageStuff.Bid is made up of several different types of storage industry professionals and we have all served our time on the trade show floor. We had all but given up on getting business from trade shows. Not only is it very costly, but we have spent many hours just standing around wasting time. We even stopped going to shows in our home state. It just wasn't worth the expense.

When we decided to launch this brand new business and we knew we had to give it another shot. The ISS World Expo turned us back into believers. Our booth had visitors the entire time we were on the floor. Our team of 7 was frequently occupied and a lot of people actually came back a second time.

Online lien sales are a hot topic right now and we were ready to talk. Our technology team was there to demo the site and answer tech questions. I, our resident lien law and auction law guru, was there to answer the really tough questions, and we had our licensed auctioneers in the booth as well.

One of my favorite things about trade shows is the freebies that everybody is hoping will draw people to the booth. We had bright, bright orange cleaning cloths for glasses and cell mobile device screens. Of course, they were fashioned with our company logo right on the front. This is your standard trade show type of freebie, so we also wanted to try something a little bit different to get people to our booth. Anybody who goes to trade shows probably has a pile of name badges hanging somewhere in their office. Some people at shows have a long stream of ribbons coming off their badges. You know them...Owner, First Time Attendee, Direct Member, etc... We decided to have a little fun with this and brought some badge ribbons of our own. Our ribbons said things like "Bored Member," "Plays Well With Others," and "Party Animal."

We had an awesome response to this, so it will be a staple at out booth going forward. We will be on the “trade show circuit” for the rest of this year. Come see us at the Florida Self Storage Association Expo, Booth 45 for your badge ribbon!

About the Author - Cheli Rosa - Managing Partner, Auctioneer, Company Administrator, Social Media Manager, Mom, Kite Flyer, Pinterest Addict and Amateur Scrapbooker.

April 14, 2015

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