Friday, July 1, 2016

Higher Quality of Self Storage Life with Online Auctions

Boy, how times have changed! We knew with the advent of the internet, the way we function day-to-day would change dramatically. Who knew it would affect the way we handle our self-storage auctions? As a manager, I used to dread auction day. Getting to the office early in the morning to put out parking signs, preparing our files for the auctioneer to check prior to the auction, trying to assist customers while the bidders took over the front office; it was extremely stressful. Not to mention walking around the property on a hot (or rainy) day while trying to move around the crowd of bidders. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone that I was elated when I found out we were starting an online auction company. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with StorageStuff.Bid since its inception. In one of the first meetings we had, it was very obvious to me that StorageStuff.Bid (SSB, for short) was going to be very different than the other online auction platforms we’ve seen. The first, and most obvious difference, is that the company is being run by a combination of Licensed Auctioneers, Self Storage Professionals, and a team of IT professionals who specialize in internet marketing and web design for self storage. With this team, we knew we could create a product that not only met the legal requirements of a self storage auction, but would cater to the specific needs of the self storage industry on an easy to navigate, well designed website. We believed we created just that. Our website is designed to cater to operators of all sizes, from large organizations with many facilities, down to the local “mom and pop” facility.

One of SSB’s most important innovations is it's sophisticated dashboard. This means that each company can have one centralized account with locations and users added to one account. The dashboard also allows you to give specific permissions to each and every one of your team members. Not only does this allow you to control who does what, but it allows you to implement multiple checks and balances at each level of your organization prior to auctions being published. There is even a User’s Permissions report for large companies to scroll through without having to click on each user.. The best part? You can make changes directly from this report! No need to navigate back and forth, from one screen to another. Ease of use is a top priority!

Another top priority for SSB is customer service. Our website lists a Frequently Asked Questions section to help you and your team answer any questions you may have. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Call our Customer Service phone number and get a live person on the other end. Our licensed auctioneers are also available to help answer questions specific to the lien and foreclosure process.

Last, I want to discuss one of our newest features: Online File Review. Previously, when conducting a live auction, the auctioneer would review each and every one of the tenant files in person prior to the auction beginning to ensure all legal requirements have been met and the sale would be valid. SSB wanted to ensure that this verification process would still be available to those organizations who wanted it. Thus, our File Review System was created. This system allows you to upload the contents of each tenant file to its respectful auction draft. Once published, the auctioneer can log into the Auctioneer Portal and review the files. The auctioneer can either approve or deny the auction. If the auction is approved, nothing changes. The listing stays live on the website and the bidders can continue to bid. However, if there is an issue with the file and the auctioneer denies the auction, it will be automatically removed from the website. This feature is one we are extremely proud of as it provides one more step to ensure the sales are legal.

Overall, we believe that StorageStuff.Bid has the features and the knowledge that self-storage operators need to conduct a legal auction with ease. We are constantly brainstorming to come up with new ways to make the process even easier. Interested in becoming a buyer or seller? Check out our website, www.StorageStuff.Bid or give our Customer Service Team a call at 877-758-4243 for more information.

July 1, 2016 by Lauren Schulman. 

About the Author: Lauren has worked in self storage for over ten years. She has worked as an assistant, a manager, an area manager, and now in operations as an administrative assistant in a management company that owns and third party manages over 30 facilities. 

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