Thursday, February 16, 2017

How In the World Did You End Up Doing That?

Self-storage might be the world's best-kept secret employment industry. I am not sure why; plenty of people use storage facilities and surely they realize said facilities have employees. However, it never fails, when I tell someone what I do, they look at me like a cute little puppy with its head crooked to the side and say "how in the world did you end up doing that?"

In that same vein, I often find that people's stories of how they got into the self-storage industry are often interesting and sometimes a little unconventional. I enjoy hearing people's stories and I hope you enjoy my sharing them with you here on my blog! 

How In The World Did You End Up Doing That? - #1

Lainie Miller, Vice President of Operations, Sentry Self Storage Management

"In 1994 I was working as a full-time Customer Service Representative for a small private company in Albuquerque, New Mexico while attending college part-time.  One fateful day a co-worker approached me and asked if I might be interested in a weekend job.  He knew I was taking college classes and had limited available time, so I was confused as to why he thought I might be interested in taking on another job.  He then insisted it would be a perfect fit for my situation because there would be a lot of free time and it would be acceptable for me to study while on the job.  Getting paid while doing my homework?  This definitely peaked my interest! 

The job turned out to be filling in for a self-storage management team on their days off at a small, locally owned property.  The job consisted of answering an occasional phone call, taking a few payments and maybe completing paperwork for a new unit rental.  If anything beyond those basic tasks came up while I was working, I was instructed to call the manager to come downstairs from her apartment to handle the situation.  My co-worker was right on target in recommending me for this simple job, and I was grateful to be earning some extra cash while getting my homework done.  Approximately three months down the road my easy weekend cash came to a complete halt when Storage USA purchased the property.  Things changed quickly from the slow "mom & pop shop" to a fast-paced, professionally run self-storage property.  I decided to hang in there until they found a replacement, however, it did not take me long to realize that a self-storage career with Storage USA was ideally suited for me.  I resigned my other job and have not looked back since.  Twenty plus years, many relocations, and many position changes later, I have found myself working for Sentry Self Storage Management in Florida, and still loving the industry!"

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