Tuesday, January 23, 2018

StorageStuff.Bid Online Storage Auctions Contributes to Self Storage Association Legislative Fun

StorageStuff.Bid Online Storage Auctions is the first fully licensed online auction company offering services to the self-storage and warehouse industries. Formerly providing live auction services as Legacy Auction Services, the team at StorageStuff.Bid has been conducting live and online storage auctions for ten years.

Every member of the StorageStuff.Bid (SSB) team has worked behind the counter at a self-storage facility and has intimate knowledge of what facility operators go through during the lien enforcement process as well as the auction process. Combined, our team has over 75 years of self-storage experience. “That might sound like regular boring sales jargon, but for us, it has been a huge advantage in having the knowledge to adopt a platform that really works for our clients because we know what our clients are experiencing,” said Cheli Rosa, Director of Marketing at SSB.

That intimate knowledge of the lien process is also what compelled SSB to get involved with the legislative efforts of the Self Storage Association. “Our desire to get involved was about our current clients who are concerned about liability as well as carving out a clear path to secure future clients. We want the operators we work with to have total comfort in the online auction process and having the option to conduct auctions on a publically accessible website explicitly stated in the statutes eliminates any legal gray area causing fear or confusion” said Mrs. Rosa.

“The Self Storage Association, the self-storage industry’s only nonprofit trade group, advocating for the industry nationwide, is proud to help our members realize efficiencies through progressive business practices that take advantage of today’s technical advancements,” said SSA President & CEO Tim Dietz. “One of these increasingly popular contemporary practices involves the use of online storage auctions, which offer a broader audience and a less disruptive option than traditional auctions. We very much appreciate that StorageStuff.Bid has stepped-up to contribute to SSA’s legislative fund, providing support in our advocacy of initiatives that clarify, in the statute, the use of publically accessible websites during the lien process.”

The self-storage industry has become increasingly advanced in the use of technology in recent years with paperless leases, online rentals, remote alarms, the use of apps to conduct business, and online auctions. It only makes sense for state statutes to keep up with this growth by making provisions for technology. It is happening with e-mail notifications, online auctions, and hopefully more states soon allowing digital advertising instead of traditional newspaper advertising.

About StorageStuff.Bid: StorageStuff.Bid is a partnership of self-storage facility owners, licensed auctioneers, and self-storage technology experts. Our team is 100% in-house and setup to provide the best customer service available. Our licensed auctioneers offer ancillary services such as VIN searches for vehicles sales and lien law consulting on topics such as bankruptcy and Active Military Tenants. Contact SSB at (887) 758-4243 or Contact@StorageStuff.Bid.

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